Why Do This?

On October 1st, I listened to the president talk after yet another mass shooting in a school in America. He issued a call to arms to the American people to DO SOMETHING about the continued gun violence and mass shootings because he can't do it alone. We can't sit idly by while one group of Americans defends their rights to carry guns, while NO ONE defends the rights of the countless victims. As I listened to the reports and watched the reactions of my friends on social media, my friend Kari said something that really hit home:

You know, I appreciate that you have a right to have a gun. But what about MY right to not get gunned down in a movie theater? What about my nephew's right to go to school without fear of being shot? Why are the rights of those who don't want to live in fear of some trigger happy maniac somehow discounted against the almighty gun lobby?

The president called on the media to showcase to the American public the scale of this continuing national tragedy. And for a few hours I was hopeful until I saw reports like this from Vox trickle in. Their heart was in the right place, the statistics were correct, but the designer in me looked at that "chart" and gasped. This is NOT the right format to showcase the scale of these numbers. And it hit me... I can help. 


How Can You Help? 

I'd like to issue a design call to arms to all my fellow designers... please help me showcase the scale of the problem. Bring the numbers to life in anyway possible to showcase to all Americans how much they need to get involved and ensure that their voice is being expressed through their elected officials. President Obama was right last night, we won't ever stop this violence unless all Americans; liberals, conservatives, independents, responsible gun owners, et al. speak up. 

So please, help me take the statistics available to us and make them VISIBLE.  I'm gathering all the statistics and news articles I can find that showcase the supposed "scale" of the ongoing cycle of violence. I'll continue to amend this post and add every trustworthy source I can to help us report the numbers in a visually engaging way.


Where Can I Find Statistics To Visualize?

Gun Violence Archive

Washington Post - Gun violence and mass shootings — myths, facts and solutions

Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence - About Gun Violence

BBC News - Oregon shooting: Statistics behind 'routine' US gun violence

Humanosphere - Visualizing gun deaths: Comparing the U.S. to rest of the world

U.S. Dept of Justice - Firearm Violence Report 1993-2011

Bureau of Justice Statistics


What if I want to help but I'm not a designer? 

  1. We need help finding accurate and reliable sources! Submit on the contact form any links to 3rd party, government or generally sourceable statistics that designers like myself can help bring to life. Every little bit counts. 
  2. Share our images! Find your favorite or most engaging charts/graphic that we've created and share them on social media. We hate to admit it but no one reads anymore, but an infographic or chart can convey in 1/2 a second what someone will never fully read in a report or paragraph of copy. 



Liz Schwartz, Ross Evan Freedman, Daniel Stanford, Christian Picciollini