The Challenge

Design quick, easy-to-read snippets of information that visually showcase the statistics of gun violence in America. Any statistic is fine to visualize as long as it's a reputable and attributable source. There are no restrictions on how you visualize the data. Our goal is to create free, shareable content that can SHOW vs TELL the American public about the scope of the gun violence in America. 

What can I visualize?

I started with the misleading "chart" I found in a Vox article, Deaths from gun violence vs. deaths from terrorism, in one chart. If you find a media source that is utilizing real data, feel free to visualize the content in a way that's easy to process. I followed their sources back to find the numbers from the Dept. of Justice but you can use your best judgment. You can also find an astronomical amount of data in this Dept of Justice Firearm Violence Report from 2013.

Here's a few sources to get you started: 

Gun Violence Archive

Washington Post - Gun violence and mass shootings — myths, facts and solutions

Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence - About Gun Violence

BBC News - Oregon shooting: Statistics behind 'routine' US gun violence

Humanosphere - Visualizing gun deaths: Comparing the U.S. to rest of the world

U.S. Dept of Justice - Firearm Violence Report 1993-2011

Bureau of Justice Statistics


  • Attribute the source of your information, include a weblink if possible to your sources
  • Provide us a link to an image at least 1000 pixels wide or 1000 pixels tall. We want to ensure all designs are large enough for people to read and share easily through social media.


All submissions will be shared with the world using a Creative Commons license (Attribution 4.0 International) that allows it to be shared with the world and adapted for any use. We will include your name, website/email but know that once the image is out in the world others are free to share and do with it as they please.